Via. Smarter than the subway. Better than the bus. Cheaper than a taxi.

  • Book a ride on your phone

  • Get picked up on your corner by a professionally chauffeured SUV

  • Share your ride with others going the same way

  • Save cash and reduce your carbon footprint

Ride weekdays, 6:45am - 9pm

Via anywhere within the orange zone. Stay tuned! We're expanding weekly.

How does Via work?

Book a ride and in under a second our algorithms match you with a vehicle going your way. Via makes sharing with other members seamless and is nearly as fast as a taxi.

How much does Via cost?

Rides are $5 plus tax when you prepay (just buy Ride Credit in the app) or $7 plus tax when you pay per ride. Members with a commuter benefits debit card can use it to pay with pre-tax $.

How long will I wait?

Our average wait time is 5 minutes, and you’ll always get an accurate estimate of your pickup before booking. You can also track your vehicle in the app.