Via is a better way to get around your city

Book a ride on your iPhone. Get picked up on your corner by a professionally-chauffeured SUV or van. Share your ride with others going the same way – save cash and reduce your carbon footprint.

Via is live in New York City!

Beta service runs Monday to Friday in the Upper East Side and Midtown.

Mornings: 6:45am - 12pm

Evenings: 3pm - 8pm

Get picked up and dropped off anywhere within the zone highlighted in the map below:

How does Via work?

In under a second, our algorithms match you with the best vehicle for your ride. Via makes sharing with other members seamless and gets you there as fast as a taxi.

How much does Via cost?

Your first ride is free! Loved it? Fares vary with distance, measured as the crow flies: $6 (<1 mile); $7 (1-1.5 miles); $8 (1.5-2.5 miles); or $9 (>2.5 miles).
Pre-pay and save: Buy ride credit in the app at a discount and enjoy even lower fares!

How long will I have to wait?

Wait times are rarely more than 10 minutes, and you’ll always get an accurate estimate of your pickup before booking. You can also track your vehicle in the app.